The way in which enterprises manage their applications is rapidly changing. Today’s enterprises must quickly react to the changing dynamics of the marketplace in order to remain competitive. Spurred by the opportunities of increased agility, uninterrupted service and reduced complexity, many CIOs and business stakeholders are looking towards new approaches for application management, searching for new ways to drive business growth.

Start your transformation journey with our application services. We’re a trusted leader in enterprise application services, with millions of dollars in IT cost savings delivered for our application development and maintenance customers. Over the years IT has matured and grown and carved a niche for itself into every type and kind of organizations and businesses. With a full suite of services from planning and assessing to design, build, run and optimize, Supremus can help guide your journey from concept to transformation. Together we can help transform yesterday’s applications and today’s emerging technologies into tomorrow’s agile infrastructure.
There by, any given venture or business or organization have come to deal with handling hundreds of applications spanning across departments, domains and solutions.The responsibility an enterprise incessantly carries to streamline all accessible applications for maximum return on the investment could be time consuming and finally start eroding into company profits.

Our Application Management Services takes complete ownership of customer’s applications by providing a hybrid onsite-offsite solution. We approach Application maintenance by focusing on the primary reason for the application’s existence. Keeping in focus to ensure original ‘return of investment’ on the application, we provide the customer the enhanced experience by combining latest available updates, tools and solutions that allows our customers to repeatedly reduce recurring application costs.

Our basket of Managed Services in maintaining applications include:

Achievement in the Information Technology industry greatly depends on the precise synergy of technical applications with pioneering ideas and planned techniques. Customization and improvement of software to increase your inventive potential and efficiency is the need of the hour. With Supremus offerings, you get customized software to suit your business needs.

Our competent team at Supremus has proficiency in development technologies over a extensive range of custom programming platforms including .NET and XML among others. During the diverse phases of development, all aspects of your project are given due consideration. Equal importance is given to the presentation and the technology of exacting software. Software security also being handled with utmost care. Methodical testing process is conducted to avoid any Faults or flaws. Supremus also offers life-long maintenance for your software.

With our distinct methodologies, we make an effort to provide you with consistent, protected, strong and easy to maintain business applications. Apart from this, our team sturdily focuses on quality output and on-time delivery. Our Precise processes and creative solutions aim to solve your complex problems and cover gaps to help you achieve your targets.

Our team possesses immense knowledge and process-oriented development methodologies and we have catered to clients globally upgrading and customizing their present applications with the latest technologies.

With our custom application development offerings, we will improve the efficiency and management of the application for better output envisage your requirement in the near future and upgrade consequently Fill unnoticed gaps for a smooth flow to your application Give you an edge over your competitors Our other application services:

Product Development
The fast-paced, technology is varying its forms compared to the past. Every passing day it comes out with an exclusive requirement for a new or custom software development. To meet these continually changing demands a software development company needs to have an in-depth industry and business process perception.
We at Supremus with skills in numerous projects on domains like: engineering, hospitality, manufacturing, energy and utilities are well prepared to handle these challenges for you.
Collaborative software development model forms the basis for a software product development. In the process of providing custom software development services by means of the collaborative software development model, our involvement is right from concept validation stage through design and development, to packaging/ product launch. This service is additionally supported by deployment of dedicated resources till the software product stabilizes and for future upgrades of the product.

We Cater
  • Prototyping and Proof-of-concept
  • Joint Application development (JAD)
  • Professional Consulting in Software Product Engineering, Customization and Integration
  • Software Testing, Website Testing and Validation
  • Software Product Up-gradation (new versions)
Many corporations are faced with the task of meeting today’s business requirements with an out-of-date IT environment. The matter of fact is, in today’s aggressive scenario, the quickness of your business depends on the agility of your IT. Legacy technology affects businesses in many ways, including high maintenance costs, poor scalability, and inability to keep pace with changes due to regulatory and compliance issues.

Our Application Transformation framework and services can help you increase consistency, reduce costs and drive higher ROI from your critical legacy IT investments.

Our established service-oriented, component-based architecture is backed up by our large pool of international resources with diversified technology skills spanning multiple full-service locations across North America and Asia.

Supremus offers entire range of services in the application transformation life cycle, from planning all the way through implementation.

Supremus’s Application Transformation Framework brings together the best practices that are results-driven, disciplined yet flexible to accommodate innovations and future growth.

With the help of our proprietary tools and methodologies we deliver robust applications ensuring quality and on-time delivery.
Your application may require boost in speed, better usability or up-gradation to an additional technical platform, consolidation or defined process and methodology or a user-friendly architecture. Our team at Supremus with its knowledge and innovative ideas creates applications best suited for as per your requirements.

Application Reengineering services provided by Supremus cater to you the advantage of upgrading your legacy systems to the contemporary platforms like .Net and J2EE with easier navigation and at the same time retaining the basic establishment of your system.

With the need to upgrade strategies and applications to keep pace with increasing challenges and objectives to be met in a short span of time, businesses are increasingly opting for Application Reengineering there is a race to keep up with the cutting edge technological advancements for increased productivity.

We follow a structural and a phased process covering the entire life cycle of the application where the performance of the application is consistently monitored for any gaps. Our strong planning and execution of each phase reduces the risk factor to the minimum apart from rapidly and effectively working on the architecture your application. We bring for you reliable and secure applications worked on by the best practices in the industry. Attention is also paid to quality application matching any other in the industry.

With its Application Reengineering services, Supremus has helped clients Internationally, helping them in their overall growth, productivity and increasing their Return On Investment

Application Migration

With the fast varying business circumstances, companies internationally are facing with challenges that require them to upgrade their applications and legacy systems with the latest technologies. Application Migration rapidly and professionally moves applications to modern platforms with the latest architectures and designs and at the same time preserving its original goals.

At Supremus, we are equipped with the necessary set of skills to address the challenges of migration. We cater to you with the smooth conversion of your application without any slow down on your valuable data and at the same time retaining the basic features of your established business model. We appreciate your migration needs and work methodically to deliver reliable on time results in the most cost-effective way.

We provide you with solutions for flawless Application Migration taking care of planning, installing, testing and support. You will also experience a cost reduction in the maintenance of the upgraded applications.

With experience and after servicing many of our clients, our certified consultants have gained expertise in application migration on Java, .Net and Oracle apart from Database Migration. The result is an application easier to maintain and faster to adapt.
Supremus global delivery model is well prepared to help enterprises make the most of their IT budgets from business-critical investments made in the past. IT departments of enterprises can leverage our expertise in a range of technical skills, deep domain understanding as well as proven track record to

  • Minimize persistent cost of maintaining current applications
  • Minimize total cost of ownership
  • Make sure of enhanced quality and reliable services levels
  • Augment returns from legacy applications by improving their stability
  • Augment visibility in to state of existing applications
  • Augment bandwidth to focus on strategic IT initiatives
  • Improve end user satisfaction
At Supremus, we have evolved processes to effectively handle transitions and knowledge transfers impeccably with our customers. We carry out detailed root cause analysis and implement a long-term view while deploying fixes to customer applications. Our metrics motivated processes covers business continuity and disaster recovery for our customers we employ a suite of tools such as Remedy and Tivoli to manage customer engagements efficiently. This approach ensures alignment with customer expectations as well as reduction of risks. Supremus thus assumes complete ownership for the application maintenance and acts as an extended offshore team for the customer.

Supremus offers a cost effective solutions for application maintenance and support to its customers based on its various models of delivery by means of our hybrid methodology.

Depending on your needs and the engagement model, Supremus can deliver 24×7 coverage for application portfolios. Supremus knowledge spans EMC| Documentum, Microsoft Technologies, J2EE, Java, SAP, BI & DW Applications, Mainframes, AS/400 and several other platforms, databases, languages, software, and enterprise applications. Our portfolio-based approach, together with the profundity and specificity of our processes allows unparalleled levels of customization. We can handle your critical business needs by maintaining your critical applications.

Advantages of Outsourcing your Application Maintenance & Support to Supremus:

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Lowered risks and increased predictability
  • Increased Monitoring of the applications for security vulnerabilities
  • Timely release of programs and enhancements
  • Enhanced knowledge management
  • Full portfolio optimization
  • Effective Support of the applications and increased user satisfaction